Croque Madame & Chorizo Potatoes


1.) Brioche (Miche?) Bread;
2.) Thin-sliced Pancetta;
3.) Dubliner cheese


1.) Thin-slice and lightly toast or grill toast the bread;
2.) Layer slice of bread, thin layer of cheese, layer of pancetta – 2x.
3.) Top with second slice of pancetta toast;
4.) Layer slice of cheese, pancetta, cheese – 1x.
5.) Broil to heat assembly and to melt cheese.
6.) Top with egg – over easy and serve.

Side: Chorizo Potatoes

1.) Cut red potatoes in small cubes;
2.) Thin slice Spanish chorizo;
3.) Parsley (not curly, but flat leaf)
4.) Saute in olive oil (butter or canola);
5.) Oil should pick up a slight reddish tint from chorizo (maybe add a dash of pimenton or just a bit of tomato/tomato paste to get that tint).

Fried Green Tomatoes

1.) Buy Heirloom GREEN tomatoes that are very firm.
2.) Slice and wet tomato slices in a mixture of buttermilk and honey.
3.) Mixture of corn meal and flour, Cajun spices and sugar. Ratios: 1 cup corn meal; ½ cup of flour; ¼ cup sugar; Cajun spices to taste (be generous).
4.) Coat tomato slices in this mixture; lightly oil your skillet and fry the slices.
5.) Serve with lemon-herb aioli.

Lemon-Herb Aioli

1.) 1 Garlic Clove;
2.) 1 egg;
3.) Basil, parsley and chives (be generous with the chives)
4.) Garlic
5.) Juice of ½ lemon;
6.) Blended oil (canola and virgin olive, ratio of 75/25%);


1.) Crack egg in large bowl;
2.) Add garlic, lemon juice and water;
3.) Mix using immersion blender;
4.) Add basil, parsley and chives;
5.) Add oil while blending until mayonnaise-like consistency.
6.) Serve as garnish with tomatoes.




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